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Snow Wars

Format: 1 x 44
Broadcaster(s):  NDR
Available in HD
Available in 4K

Year after year, there is a war going on in the Canadian Rockies. The threat: avalanches - unstoppable, rumbling walls of thick snow moving at 300km/hour capable of destroying anything in their path. The only thing standing in the way of these devastating avalanches and Canada's busiest highway, Highway Number 1, are a handful of men and women.

Snow Wars uses the latest equipment to capture the furious battle against the elements in every heart-stopping detail thanks to the latest in 4K video recording technology. For the first time ever, film crews in Snow Wars gain exclusive access to accompany mobile avalanche prevention units - the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect ordinary Canadians. We follow the mobile avalanche control teams - specialist units armed with explosives and Vietnam War era howitzer cannons.

This is the story of their daily struggle against nature as they take to the sky on reconnaissance missions, scale dangerous mountains, and trigger powerful avalanches with carefully planned explosions.

Snow Wars is a fast-paced thriller: it is the story of a daily race against time to do battle against the mountain's most deadly weapon.

Winner of Gold REMI-Award at the WorldFest Houston 2014

Winner of Short Documentary at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2015

Winner of Best Mountain Film at the Mountain Film Awards 2015

Winner of Documentary Shorts at the Macon Film Festival 2015

Rising Star Award at Canada International Film Festival 2015


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