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Mandela's World Cup (Spanish)

Format: 1 x 52
Broadcaster(s):  HISTORY
Available in HD

Mandela's World Cup reminds us of the tournament's hold on 200 million fans around the world and its power as a global symbol of inclusvity and sporting excellence. Mandela’s World Cup tells the compelling story of how the FIFA World Cup changed the way in which the world saw South Africa. And more importantly, the way South Africans saw themselves.

In a race against time, South Africa set out to shatter expectations, tackle security threats and invest in bold new infastructure that would allow Africa to host the world. The film sheds light on events leading up to South Africa's selection by the FIFA committee, from exclusive footage of the dramatic moment in which South Africa's name was announced in front of Nelson Mandela, to nailbiting footage of the South African football team in action and one of the most jaw-dropping opening goals in the tournament's history.

Drawing on interviews from Shakira, the president of the South African Football Association and many other celebrities and sporting legends, Mandela’s World Cup is an inspiring journey of hope demonstrating the power of football to overcome prejudice, break boundaries and unite a continent.

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