TVF International Set to Bring Its Largest Slate Ever to MIPCOM

Alison Skilton , 24 September 2019
From TV Real

TVF International is launching 300 hours of brand-new specialist-factual programming at MIPCOM, with a focus on science and technology, blue-chip wildlife, arts and human-interest documentaries.

The factual distributor will bring two new space titles to the market: Indian Space Dreams from Sequoia Films in association with Spring Films and Black Hole Hunters from Windfall Films. The former explores the 15-year mission to launch India’s first astronomical satellite, whilst Black Hole Hunters is a BBC/Smithsonian co-production that follows a team of scientists who make history by capturing the first-ever photograph of a black hole.

TVF International has also acquired three high-end inside-access programs. Night Force is a brand-new BBC commission from Matchlight Productions that reveals the secret life of night shift workers and lifts the lid on the logistics and technology used in factories, bakeries, printers and warehouses every night whilst the rest of the world is sleeping. The two-parter Building the World’s Most Luxurious Ship from Windfall Films grants viewers unique access to shipyard workers over 18 months as they battle to transform thousands of sheets of steel into a floating palace of luxury. Season two of Grand Central Stations from Pronto Prod grants unique access to the inner workings of the world’s busiest transit hubs, from Tokyo to Melbourne, Buenos Aires to Zurich.

In the engineering and technology space, TVF International has added new episodes of Building Ireland (18×30 min.) to its catalog. The third season explores the secrets of the greatest construction achievements that took place in Ireland, including the world’s first transcontinental communications system. Also coming to MIPCOM are two new seasons of the Emmy Award-winning CBS series Innovation Nation (156×30 min.).

TVF International also picked up three blue-chip BBC-commissioned art documentaries for the MIPCOM catalog. Gauguin: A Dangerous Life is the first film about the iconic artist to view him afresh in light of feminist, colonial and indigenous studies, while Titian: The Power and the Glory focuses on the artist’s “Poesie” paintings often credited as the greatest series of paintings in art history. Finally, The Legend of Keith Haring—made in time for the 30th anniversary of his death—will tell the story of an artist who lived and created with boundless energy throughout the social, cultural and political counter-revolution of the 1980s.

On TVF International’s human stories slate is The Daughter Tree from Tinetra Productions, which reveals the shocking truth of how in some areas of India, thousands of babies are aborted every year simply because they are girls. Also new to MIPCOM is The Negotiators from Mediacorp, which investigates negotiators of four critical hostage situations.

TVF is also bringing two new science and environment shows to the market. The long-running series Eco Eye investigates the critical environmental issues impacting our world, as well as the impact our surroundings have on our physical and mental well-being. Tipping Point from Peddling Pictures explores the latest issues and solutions to the world’s climate crisis.

Sitting alongside David Attenborough-narrated wildlife series is a brand-new fifth episode of the internationally acclaimed natural-history series Wild City (5×60 min.). The Channel News Asia-commissioned program from Beach House Pictures uncovers the hidden world of Singapore’s insect life.

Also on the wildlife slate is Ocean Wild, which TVF International is co-producing with Tokyovision in Japan. TVF International has partnered with the Japanese production outfit on a number of 4K aerial specials in the past and is now pushing into natural-history programming. The series will feature some of the most stunning underwater locations on Earth and explore a unique natural theme in each episode, whether color and camouflage or the macro underwater world.

TVF International is also collaborating with Art Winner Productions in Bulgaria to re-version Diema’s landmark travel series No Luggage for the international market. The series, now in its thirteenth year, visits various countries every season, bringing viewers to the heart of the world’s most fascinating cities, historical sights and cultural experiences.

Will Stapley, head of acquisitions at TVF International, commented, “This is our largest slate ever to be taken to MIPCOM and the volume is matched by true quality with blue-chip programming from the very best producers across six continents. At a time of constant consolidation, we are championing fellow indies, working more closely and collaboratively with our producer partners, whether through financing, co-production or re-versioning deals, to bring premium factual programming to the international market.”