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Empire of Juramidam

1 x 52
Broadcaster:  ZDF

With religion losing its grip in the western world, along comes a church that guarantees an encounter with the Divine... Empire of Juramidam is a haunting exploration of Christianity's strangest offspring – the Santo Daime church, otherwise known as the Church of the Eclectic Universal Flowing Light.


Fly, trek, canoe into the heart of the Church’s origins in Amazonia where for over a half century the Daime Church’s community has developed, lead by a group of elders who twice monthly offer a mind-bending communion to the inhabitants of Mapia Town.  Their ceremonies are based around the consumption of a bitter hallucinogenic tea called Ayahuasca. Visions follow and dancing for hours thereafter. Nobody is forced to drink.  Young kids queue up alongside eighty year olds and down the sour ‘tea’ which they claim allows them access their true spirit nature, and intunes them into 'Our Lady, Queen of the Rainforest.'  For the ensuing 12 hours they sway and dance, knowing that 'the eclectic light of heaven is shining on them.'


The apocalyptic doctrine and churches originated in the heart of the Amazon where their present day HQ is situated. This Eclectic Church is spreading discreetly around the world. Their story has never been uncovered before.


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