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Special Forces

7 x 48 * NEW CHINA EP * HD
Broadcaster:  HISTORY

A heartstopping incursion into the world of Asia’s elite Special Forces, revealing their brutal training and cutting-edge combat capabilities. Explore the endurance needed for the world’s most dangerous missions, from raids on Most Wanted criminals and terrorists, to resolving major hostage crises. 

With recent global events increasing the level of alert for major threats to security, the role of elite special operations forces has never been more publicly apparent, or more important. Special ops teams must constantly deal with life or death situations – now Special Forces reveals the brutal and unimaginable training they must undergo in order to be the best. We look into each force’s technological capabilities, demonstrating their cutting-edge tools, weapons and techniques that give them the upper hand in almost any situation…

For the first time ever, unprecedented access brings you to the core of the world's toughest military units.


BRAND NEW CHINA EPISODE: Beijing Special Combat Brigade

Philippines Marines Force

Thai Marine Recon

Malaysia GGK Commandos

Sri Lanka Special Forces Regiment

Taiwan Amphibious Reconnaissance Group

Philippines Scout Rangers


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