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The New Silk Road, Series 2 - Maritime

Format: 6 x 48
Broadcaster(s):  Channel NewsAsia
Available in HD

China’s One Belt, One Road strategy is a trillion dollar grand plan to link up 65 countries, and 4.4 billion people – over 60% of the world’s population. Alongside the overland ‘New Silk Road’ which links Asia to Europe by rail, The Maritime Silk Road connects key ports across the world, cementing China as a global superpower.

In this series, award winning presenter Anthony Morse travels along TheMaritime Silk Road, investigating its local and global impact. From the mega-ports of the Chinese coastline, through the disputed South China Sea, crossing the Indian Ocean, docking in East Africa and culminating in Greece, he discovers how this investment is driving economic growth but splitting public opinion.

How is The Maritime Silk Road stirring racial divides, contributing to rising tensions over national sovereignty, and at the heart of labour disputes? And while China’s reach appears unstoppable, what are the implications for the millions of lives affected?

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