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Global Sperm Crisis

1 x 50 HD
Broadcaster:  NHK

Something abnormal is happening inside men’s bodies: sperm is in crisis, with low counts, near-zero motility and DNA damage, and all of these factors are crucial to fertility.


Scientists have found that the trend seems to be universal, and it isn't going anywhere. In fact, it is increasing. Contrary to popular belief, the World Health Organization says that in around half of the cases of infertility, it is the man who is responsible.


In Global Sperm Crisis, we take a multi-faceted look into this this problem facing the world, and unearth some hitherto unknown facts. Could it be that sitting down too much, or sleeping badly are factors contributing to this decline in male fertility? With laboratory studies and experiments, we will bring some of the answers to light, and provide advice about how to remedy these problems.


From the series Medical Revolution.

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