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The Truth About Dementia

1 x 50 HD
Broadcaster:  NHK

The Truth About Dementia aims to answer one of the huge questions in the medical world: how can dementia be prevented?


While research on dementia prevention is making significant progress, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), a pre-dementia phase, has been receiving attention as key point towards preventive methods. Recent research has revealed that the development of dementia can be halted in its tracks if measures are taken at the MCI phase.


Early detection of MCI is vital, and interestingly, one key to identifying signs of it is by examining the way a person walks. By looking into this and other aspects of people's behaviour, this program introduces the latest dementia prevention measures and provides the most up-to-date medication information, on how to spot it in yourself and your loved ones.


From the series Medical Revolution.

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