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Art Attack

8 x 22 HD

Art Attack is an action packed, factual entertainment series that follows host Robb Ortel travel across America to find the most shocking, awe-inspiring, and physically demanding sub-cultures and art forms in the world.


Join Robb on his adrenaline fueled journey as he meets artists ripping up the canvas in favour of sky-diving, fire-breathing, body modification and painting with explosives!


These artists redefine the limits of creativity and put their bodies on the line in pursuit of their passion. 


Episode 1 - Aerial Acrobatics, Aerial Photography

Episode 2 - Fire Flow Art, Explosionism Art

Episode 3 - Extreme Sand Art, Dirty Car Art

Episode 4 - Virtual Reality Art

Episode 5 - Ebru Art, Strongman

Episode 6 - Body Paint, Scarification

Episode 7 - Photogravure, Billboard Painting

Episode 8 - Bootleg Toy Art, Vodou Art

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