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Bargain Brides

Format: 60'
Available in HD

Each week in this exciting, closed-ended competition format, 3 Brides-to-Be will compete to become the ultimate BARGAIN BRIDE. They’ll use their own unique skills and talents to barter, bargain, haggle and negotiate for every element of their dream wedding -- all in an effort to get it for free!

These quick-witted women will use everything in their arsenal to get the lowest prices possible. One bride may use her cutting-edge social media marketing savvy to create a viral campaign for her favorite Bakery, in exchange for a free Wedding Cake. A talented but cash-strapped interior decorator might offer to reupholster a restaurant's booths and seating, in exchange for a free rehearsal dinner space. The opportunities are endless and the brides' creativity will be limitless!

Our dynamic Host, joined by a panel of expert Judges, will evaluate all 3 weddings, taking into consideration both the Style as well as the overall Savings. At the end of each episode, the winning Bargain Bride will have all of her expenses reimbursed, and we'll even throw in a free Honeymoon!

It’s your big day. Save more than just the date.

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