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Vivaldi: Mystery of The Four Seasons

Format: 1 x 49
Broadcaster(s):  ITV
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With millions of copies sold worldwide, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is one of the most popular classical pieces of all time. But could this Venetian priest also be the founding father of modern rock? Internationally-renowned progressive rock artist Rick Wakeman uncovers the story behind Vivaldi’s classical genius: could the ever-present soundtrack of call centre answering machines and mobile phone ring-tones also be the first concept album?

Uncovering the dark rumours surrounding the churches, orphanages and canals of Venice, Rick Wakeman sets out to investigate the extraordinary life of Antonio Vivaldi. From 18th century scandals to interviews with fellow musician Mike Rutherford, uncover the mystery behind one of the world’s favourite composers. How was rock born from The Four Seasons? Why did the piece disappear into obscurity for more than 200 years after the composer’s death?

The Four Seasons has stood the test of time; now discover the scandals, mystery and intrigue surrounding the man behind the music.

“Antonio Vivaldi was the founding father of modern rock, his Four Seasons the first concept album. Such a view may sound bonkers but when you hear tales of the 18th-century composer known as the Red Priest – sex scandals, packed concerts where scuffles and faintings broke out, you’ll go along for the ride” – Radio Times

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