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Night Force

10 x 45 / 10 x 30 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC

THEY work through the night, so WE have what we need for the day ahead!


Every night while we’re cozily tucked up in bed, an army of night shift workers begins a battle against the clock to make sure that the world we wake up to is ready for our new day.  

A new day in which we expect to find today’s newspapers in the corner shop, fresh bread and fruit in our supermarkets, our parcels to arrive on time, our buses to be clean and running to schedule, and that the roads they travel along are clear for our daily commute.

But how many of us have ever given a second thought to the logistics, technology, processes, deadlines and characters who have raced to make all those things happen while we were sleeping?

Filmed in the North East of England - the night shift capital of Britain where an astonishing one in seven employees work through the night -  this series reveals the secret life of night shift businesses and lifts the lid on what really happens in Britain’s factories, printers and warehouses every night to make sure the daytime runs smoothly!


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