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The Pope and the Third Secret of Fatima

1 x 50

For over half a century, the world has been haunted by a secret known only to one nun and the Pope. Within seven weeks of one another Pope John Paul II and Sr. Lucia of Fatima died drawing to a close a ninety year arc of history that began in a remote corner of Portugal with the appearance of an unusual light purported to be the Virgin Mary.

This tale came to involve Prophesies, secrets, church intrigue, a plane hijack and the rise and fall of the Soviet empire. In 1981 the Pope's personal fate crossed that of this nun's prophesy after being shot in Rome. He became obsessed by it, strove to save the world from the annihilation it argued, dared to imagine that he was the Prophecy's fulfillment and was the only Pope who took the message of the nun's prophesy seriously, and thus perhaps changed the world irrevocably.

This extraordinary story examines the original Fatima visions and how Pope John Paul II believed he was himself the fulfilment of the third secret and that through his obsession with this obscure message, he saved the world from a thermo-nuclear holocaust.

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