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New York and Paris: The World of Abbott and Atget

1 x 53 HD
Broadcaster:  AVRO

New York and Paris: Two cities whose names are synonymous with passion and beauty. Both of these cities were extensively photographed during their golden ages and the results produced some of the most striking iconic images in the history of photography. The two artists who carried out this world-renowned work were linked together in a very special way, yet up to now their story has never been told.

This film explores the life and work of Berenice Abbott and Eugène Atget, two photographers whose images helped establish the medium as a modern art form, and brought realism to the forefront of creative thinking. Abbott and Atget may not be household names, but their contribution to photography is unparalleled.

New York and Paris: The World of Abbott and Atget celebrates their joint achievement and is a fitting tribute to their photographs as well as a detailed look at the cities that inspired them. The film also explores the difficult and passionate lives of the photographers themselves, tracing their trajectories and the fascinating figures who featured within them, including the author James Joyce, the surrealist Man Ray, and President Kennedy’s former wife, Jackie Onassis.

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