Swing du Pékin

1 x 49
Broadcaster:  Channel 4

Beijing Swings explores some of the most dark and disturbing art in the world today, from a performance where an artist eats a stillborn baby, and grafts some of his own skin to a huge piece of pork, to a column made of human fat, and photographic diary of a woman's menstruation.

This shocking investigation into contemporary art in China reveals a very different Beijing art scene to the one that the Chinese authorities are trying to present to the world. Shot secretly, with hidden cameras, in the build up to the Beijing Olympics, the remarkably frank account of new Chinese art reveals a fractured society obsessed with death and decay, and fighting fiercely for the right to public self-expression.

Beijing Swings is one of the most controversial art films ever shown on British television – when the programme was aired on Channel 4, questions were asked about it in the House of Commons and the Chinese authorities banned its makers from re-entering China.

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