Grayson Perry: Tombe de l'artisan inconnu

1 x 60 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC

For two years, Turner Prize-wining artist Grayson Perry worked behind the scenes at the British Museum to stage his most ambitious show yet - The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman.

In a major departure for both artist and Museum, Perry was given free rein to choose whatever he wanted from the Museum's collection of more than 8 million objects gathered from around the world. He also made his own works of art - from his trademark ceramics to sculptures, tapestries and even a working motorbike.

The resulting exhibition was as if the visitor had stepped into the treasures of a mysterious civilisation - a civilisation built entirely around the obsessions of Perry himself.

Granted unique access over a two-year period, this film paints a revealing portrait of Perry’s creative process, and even follows him on a motorbike pilgrimage to Germany as he explores the artworks, ideas and motivations that lay behind his British Museum show.

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