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All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry

3 x 45 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel 4

BAFTA Award - Best Specialist Factual


Grayson Perry, one of Britain's leading artists and winner of the Turner Prize, has always been fascinated by taste - why people buy the things they do, wear the things they wear and what they are trying to say about themselves when they make those choices.

In this three-part series Perry will embed himself in one of the social classes of Britain, to try to understand their taste. This most anthropological of artists is going to live with each of his "taste tribes" in turn - first the working classes of Sunderland, then the middle classes of Tunbridge Wells, then the upper classes of the Cotswolds.

Revealing the artist’s creative process from the very beginning as he engages with one of the most fascinating aspects of contemporary culture, this series shows the power of art to reflect who we are.


"Documentary of the Year - this three-part survey of the British class system...offered astute observations and thrived off Perry's ability to balance warmth and intellect." - The Independent


Shortlisted for "Best Original Programme" Broadcast Awards



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