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Second Life

Format: 1 x 52

One of the most intriguing developments on the Internet is the invention of online role-playing, where people from all corners of the world can come together in a virtual reality. Second Life is one of these virtual universes, uniting hundreds of thousands of online gamers. The gamers, otherwise known as ‘residents’, each create an avatar through which they lead a second life, full of previously impossible possibilities and dreams, though often ambiguously entwined with their lives in the real world.

Second Life is a quirky and compulsive documentary which takes a look at the real people behind the cyber alter egos. It introduces several gamers from the USA, all of them residents in Second Life since its early years, and between them representatives of the three main communities present in this bizarre online universe. The film also delves into the real world behind the virtual world, showing the role that second life plays in the everyday lives of its users and the conflict and joy that a make-believe existence can bring into a real one.

It is a fascinating exposé of the weird and wonderful world of alter egos, and the complex consequences of online communities which bring the real and the virtual to collide.

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