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The Escort Agency

Format: 1 x 48
Broadcaster(s):  Channel 4

John and his boyfriend Douglas Fox run the biggest escort agency in the North East. Calling themselves an executive agency, clients pay between £130 and £600 for escorts’ ‘time and companionship’. But what do Christony’s clients get for their money?  Is this prostitution under another name?  And if so, how do John and Douglas get away with it?

Filmmaker Jon Alwen gains unprecedented access to this hidden world.  Spending 3 months with John and Douglas, he follows their business, their escorts and their clients. There are hundreds of internet based escort agencies in the UK.  They all have one thing in common.  To stay the right side of the law they all use a similar disclaimer; they claim they have no idea what happens during appointments. 

Business is booming for Christony, but they face problems too. A tabloid newspaper sets up a sting, sending an undercover reporter to one their girls. And later, two of John and Douglas’s favourite escorts leave for a rival agency. The Escort Agency is a funny, compelling and eye-opening take on this secretive business.

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