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Transgender Kids

Format: 1 x 49
Broadcaster(s):  Channel 4
Available in HD

From the moment we're born, our gender identity is no secret. Gender organises our world into pink or blue and as we grow up, most of us naturally fit into our gender roles. But for some children, what's between their legs doesn't match what's between their ears - they insist they were born into the wrong body. These are transgender children, diagnosed with gender identity disorder, or gender dismorphia.

Most transgender children still live in the shadows, hiding from a world that sees them as freaks of nature. Rejected by their families, many grow up hating their bodies, and fall victim to high rates of depression, drug abuse and even suicide.  Today, hundreds of families with transgender children - who have found each other over the Internet - are taking a dramatically different course. They're allowing their children to live in the gender they identify with, in order to save them from a future of heartache and pain.

In this shocking yet touching film, we will follow the lives of four transgender children to discover what it is like to realize you were born in the wrong body so young.  We will find out how young children change their apparent gender and how families cope with having a transgender child.

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