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The Truth About Fussy Eaters

1 x 45 HD

Could your toddler's fussy eating be the symptom of a deadly sickness which may leave them blind?


Whilst eating only beige snacks like chips, bread, and chicken nuggets may just be the picky diet of a spoilt child, it may instead be the symptom of a deeply entrenched psychological disorder. The Truth About Fussy Eaters explores the cutting edge of eating disorder research with the help of expert therapists and psychologists, to shed light on a newly identified, potentially deadly and widely misunderstood condition which affects millions of people worldwide. Whilst disorders such as Bulimia and Anorexia relate to body image, sufferers of Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder instead display a deep psychological aversion to certain foods, and are often left terrifyingly malnourished, unable to function, and on the precipice of a dangerous medical crisis.


Meet the teenager whose fear of consuming vegetables led to them losing their sight, the woman who has a debilitating fear of steak, and hear from other sufferers who are fighting to get the word out about ARFID. With access to psychologists and specialists in the field, this documentary explains how the disorder can be diagnosed, understood and treated.


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