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Hidden Histories: WW1's Forgotten Photographs

1 x 60 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC

This is the extraordinary untold story of soldiers’ photography in World War One. The British and German soldiers marched off to war with secret ‘vest pocket’ cameras, determined to record what they thought would be a great adventure. Few were prepared for the horrors they were about to witness- and photograph.

This film gives us unprecendented access to rare collections of war photography from both sides of the enemy lines. With war photography soon became prohibited on the British side, these covertly-captured images offer an extremely rare window into life on the front lines. Through these intimate photographs – many never before seen in public – we relive the young soldiers’ rapid loss of innocence amidst the long conflict.

We join these amateur solider photographers’ close relatives on emotional journeys of discovery, as they go in search of the secrets hidden within their ancestors’ photographs. This is WW1 through a fresh, surprising and visceral perspective – through the eyes of the men who fought in it.

“Superb television and a heart-warming admonition against war.” – The Observer
“Remarkable photographs from the foldable camera many soldiers took to war are revealed in this strong and very personal new documentary.” – Daily Mail
“This film on the secret Vest Pocket Camera provides a vivid record of what life was really like in the trenches.” – Sunday Times
“A rare and unexpected snapshot of humanity in the midst of industrial slaughter.” – The Times
“Most moving of all are the photos of British and German soldiers arm in arm on Christmas day when a temporary truce was declared.” – Radio Times
“This remarkable documentary reveals how many ordinary untrained men had a true gift for photography and you see their artistic talents growing as the war went on.” – Daily Express
“This film about soldier’s photographs is incredibly personal, moving and surprising.” – Daily Telegraph
“A poignant, heart-warming and fascinating film.” – TV Times


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