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The World's Biggest Bird Park: The Great Migration

1 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

After almost 50 years, Singapore's beloved Jurong Bird Park is preparing to move to a new home across the island in Mandai.


This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the keepers tasked with planning the move for almost 4,000 birds, and the designers and engineers endeavouring to build them a one-of-a-kind home. It's an ambitious plan - a never-attempted-before design that involves immersive aviaries built with giant columns and a massive mesh. How will the architects and project managers navigate this challenge – and stay sane as problems mount and deadlines loom?


While construction goes on at Mandai, it’s business as usual at Jurong. Beyond the doors marked “Staff Only”, we meet the passionate keepers, curators, and veterinarians who nurse precious new-born King Penguins, match-make endangered eagles, while planning the big move down to the last detail.

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