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All 4 Adventure: Across the Top

12 x 43 HD
Broadcaster:  Seven Network Australia

Join madcap explorers Jase Andrews and Simon Anderson in the latest installment of the successful All 4 Adventure franchise as they undertake a series of rugged expeditions into some of the wildest frontiers and most remote corners of Australia. Venturing deep into uncharted areas, they search for undiscovered creeks and coastlines in pursuit of the perfect catch.

Along the way they encounter spectacular scenery and get up, close and personal with all types of native wildlife- both friendly and not so friendly. They’ll face all sorts of challenges and have to rely on their ingenuity, equipment, as well as a good sense of humour to make it to their final destination unscathed.

With a unique combination of fishing and boating action, 4 x 4 mayhem, stunning scenery and wildlife, plus local history, tips on like in the bush as well as campsite cook-ups, All 4 Adventure is unlike any other adventure program on TV, with incredible ratings to prove it!

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