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Brilliant Corners

5 x 52 HD

Presented by surfer, writer, geographer and former European Longboard Champion Sam Bleakley, Brilliant Corners is a trailblazing surf travel series exploring emerging surf cultures, cultural tourism frontiers, and capturing the power of surfing for social good.


Sam travels across West Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa - from the river mouths of Sierra Leone’s Western Peninsula to the salty Arabian Sea, over 17,000km of coastline in The Philippines and Ghana's Gold Coast: the closest land point to the centre of the earth - engaging with developing surf cultures along the way. Follow his incredible journey as he explores surfing as dance, learns about local music, witnesses the powerful medicine of surfing as therapy, and demonstrates how surfing can offer detailed understanding of the changing relationship between cultures and coastlines.


Through interviews, lyrical narrative and beautifully filmed surfing sequences in extreme destinations, Brilliant Corners is a celebration of life, showcasing positives in often misrepresented locations and discussing critical issues of sustainability within surfing communities and coastal environments.

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