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The World's Festivals, Series 1

10 x 27 HD
Broadcaster:  Voyage

Multi-coloured costumes, music, dancing, laughter, emotions, suspense – these are the ingredients of The World’s Festivals. Every year, all kinds of events, festivals and memorial ceremonies take place throughout the world. Across five continents, The World’s Festivals series follows local families and experts as they celebrate a traditional or indigenous festival, uncovering the significance of rituals which are unique to a country, city of region, passed down from generation to generation.

Each episode focuses on an exciting festival in a different worldwide location, allowing viewers to better discover the culture of the country in question, including its buildings, monuments and people. What is the story behind the celebration? How do its inhabitants live it? How different is its current function from its original one? And what is the celebration’s continuing cultural role and impact today?

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