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The World's Festivals - Series II

12 x 29 HD
Broadcaster:  Voyage

Multi-coloured costumes, music, dancing, laughter, suspense – key ingredients for festivals around the world. The brand new second series of The World’s Festivals follows local families and experts across five continents as they celebrate traditional festivals in locations including: France, Sri Lanka, Finland, Guyana, Hong Kong, Florence and Barbados.

The exuberant celebrations open up these exotic locations, their inhabitants and their traditions to us. Journeying alongside local families who embrace the festivals each year we gain a unqiue and knowledgeable perspective on events.

What is the story behind the celebration? What is the celebration’s continuing cultural role and impact today? From the colourful and dance fuelled Crop Over festival in Barbados to the 18th Century inspired masquerade festival in Guyana, this global trek of discovery will amaze and surprise.

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