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Freddie Flintoff Versus The World

8 x 46 HD
Broadcaster:  ITV4

This is the action packed show that pits celebrity cricketer Freddie Flintoff against other big sport stars in a series of death defying competitions. Thrust headlong into a world of dangerous sporting events, Freddie and his competitors are tested like never before!

Freddie travels across North America meeting each episode’s celebrity challenger on location. Together they discover just what battles are in store for them and are thrown straight into training for the main event. Before taking on the ultimate extreme challenge they have to complete two other dangerous events, with a point to be won in each of them. By the time of the main event the rivalry between the two men is intense and ensures that they will both be desperate to clinch victory.

As they go head to head in the biggest challenge of their lives, you can bet that Freddie and his competitors throw themselves headfirst with boundless enthusiasm into each extreme and potentially deadly competition. Whoever comes out on top will undeniably have earned their prize!

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