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US & China: When Titans Clash

4 x 48' HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

The US-China rivalry is one of the great power struggles of our time, and relations between the two superpowers are at their worst point in modern history.


In this landmark series, we investigate the historical and contemporary forces driving the conflict, and assess how it could develop in the future.


National feelings of 'Pride and Shame' (Episode 1), from China’s Century of Shame to the slow decay of deindustrialization in the US, have combined with current tensions over Hong Kong and Coronavirus to reach boiling point. After four years of escalating conflict under a Trump administration, what will Biden’s approach to China be?


The Trade War 'Fallout' (Episode 2) has led to multiple corporate casualties in both countries over the last three years. In China, a dual circulation model is now underway to mitigate the effects of US protectionism. In the US, a Biden administration mulls new economic measures against China, even as industry groups lobby for tariffs to be lifted. Both countries also brace for what used to be unthinkable - the possibility of a financial war.


The ongoing 'Tech War' (Epiosde 3) has profound implications for the world’s biggest tech companies like TikTok, Huawei, Facebook and Tesla. Chinese students and scientists in the US grapple with increasing scrutiny as accusations of espionage intensifies. Over in China, how are American tech companies located there responding to the tech war? And if the tech war continues unabated, what are the costs of the bifurcation of global technology?


Both powers are walking a 'Tightrope' (Episode 4) of control and cooperation across the South-East Asia region. Southeast Asia continues to leverage China's economic engine, while enjoying a security blanket provided by the US. As both sides continue to compete for influence over the region, ASEAN states find themselves entangled in the throes of their conflict. From increasing militarisation in the South China Sea, and the deteriorating of decades-old alliances, to a massive manufacturing diaspora in the region, we examine the quandary the Sino-US rivalry has created for Southeast Asia.

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