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Dunhuang: Ancient Frontier Fortress

5 x 27 / 2 x 52 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  Tencent

In this award-winning series, the incredible rise and fall of the ancient Chinese fortress city Dunhuang is told on screen for the very first time.


One hundred years ago, the Mogao Caves near Dunhuang were the site of one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time; thousands of ancient scrolls, revealing the dramatic history of the city. Now, experts are discovering how key generals, warlords, monks, and Empress Wu Zetian shaped Dunhuang's history, propelling it from a desert oasis into a vital stronghold on the Ancient Silk Road, and an important centre for Buddhism and religious art.


Dunhuang’s position as a bastion of the Silk Road was not always peaceful, and this series sheds light on the dramatic events that unfolded in and around this ancient city, and the remarkable people that flocked to this faraway corner of the remote desert.


Brought to life using stunning dramatic recreations and expert interviews, Dunhuang: Ancient Frontier Fortress won the award for Best Documentary Series, China at the Asian Academy Creative Awards, and is directed by the acclaimed director of The Men Who Made America, Ruán Magan.

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