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When Titans Clash: A New World Order?

3 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

As the China-US rivalry continues to dominate global headlines, this award-winning series returns to provide invaluable insights into the New World Order.


China-EU relations are now at their worst in the past 4 decades, and South Korea has just elected a president who rose to popularity on an anti-China platform. Across Asia, India and Japan are increasing military spending.


In Southeast Asia, countries eye the South China Sea nervously, as war ships continue to sail here from all the major powers. The Philippine's president recently said he was willing to allow American forces to use Philippine bases and facilities if the crisis in Ukraine stemming from the Russian invasion spreads to Asia. In Taiwan, and across the world, the headlines are asking “Will Taiwan be next?”


With exclusive access on the ground in China, the US, and across the wider region, this series provides balanced coverage of different perspectives on these urgent and increasingly dangerous issues.


This series follows the award-winning US & China: When Titans Clash


Episode 1- Is the US Indo-Pacific Strategy the New NATO?


As the Ukraine crisis unfolds, China accuses the US of creating an Indo-Pacific version of NATO, and warns of a “Ukraine style tragedy” for Asia. On the other hand, countries like Japan, Philippines, India, Australia and South Korea, seek closer ties to the US as concerns emerge over China’s actions. Could Asia witness a war in the years ahead?


Episode 2 Could China and India Go to War?

In 2020, a clash on the India-China border resulted in fatalities for both armies. In March 2022, the Indian foreign minister said ties with China cannot be normal as long as there is a large deployment of troops along the disputed border. Many believe this is a potential flashpoint. Ongoing political upheaval in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, further contributes to tension between India and China.


Episode 3- The Taiwan (Japan & South Korea) Contingency

“Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow”- that is a hot topic of debate in Taiwan. While some groups prepare for war, others in Taiwan urge closer engagement with China to prevent a tragedy. As senior US officials visit Taiwan, China issues stern warnings and sends fighter jets into Taiwan’s air defense zone. With increased tensions, Japan and South Korea raise military spending. What are the possibilities of war in East Asia?

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