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The Truth About Stress

1 x 50 HD
Broadcaster:  NHK

If you think it’s 'just' stress, think again.


Heavy and prolonged stress can severely impact your mental health, and if not treated properly, become a risk to your life. The latest studies in neuroscience and molecular physiology have revealed a complex mechanism. Stress can trigger a chain reaction of hormonal abnormalities in the body, causing destruction of brain cells and blood vessels, leading to a pre-mature death. This is because extreme stress can increase your risk of illneses like heart disease, strokes, and dementia.


But why does stress trigger the abnormal condition of destroying the brain? Why does stress cause depression in some people, yet not in others? In addition to revealing the mechanism of stress, this episode features innovative and easy stress prevention measures, with support from medical and scientific studies, and explores the different diseases caused by stress and their preventive measures.


From the series Medical Revolution.


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