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Lions: Now or Never

2 x 45 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  ZEE

African lions are highly endangered with some experts predicting their extinction by 2050.


This blue-chip series from award-winning producers Talesmith explores how we can save this majestic species, and reveals the developing human-lion relationship across both Africa and India.


Episode 1 investigates the controversial practice of trophy hunting and the truth about the killing of Cecil the lion, which made headlines across the world and still reverberates to this day. With exclusive access to the Hwange National Park where Cecil lived, and the lion rangers who still work there, we reveal what really happened to Cecil and why it's so important to understand to help lion conservation today. We also explore India's Gir Forest where a century long banning of hunting has remarkably revived the Asiatic Lion.


Episode 2 explores the mounting tensions between man and lion - in Africa each year, lions kill more than 200 people and attack invaluable livestock. We join dedicated trackers monitoring lions and mapping their territory, as well as tribes and communities in Kenya and Zimbabwe that once prided themselves in poaching and slaughtering big cats, but are now beginning to support and protect these majestic beasts. So can strategies used in India help to save the African lion and bring about peaceful coexistence between man and big cat across the continent? Or is the African lion doomed?

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