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When Titans Clash: A New World Order?

3 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

As the relationship between the world's two superpowers - China and the US - grows ever more tense, it has never beenmore important to understand this titanic power struggle.


This award-winning series returns, beginning with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region and asking whether the US strategy in the region is the new NATO. Episode 2 focuses on the simmering border tensions between China and neighbouring India after fatal clashes in the last few years. And episode 3 dives deep into the highly topical issue of Taiwan, examining the likelihood of war between the superpowers, as many are voicing the concerns of 'Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow'.


With exclusive access on the ground in China, the US, and across the wider region, this series provides balanced coverage of different perspectives on these urgent and increasingly dangerous issues.


Part of the award-winning series When Titans Clash


Series 1 Awards:


Winner, Jury, Jury Special & Jury Diamond Awards: Europe Film Festival U.K.


Winner, Best Feature Documentary: Milan Gold Awards 


Winner, Best Feature Documentary: New York Movie Awards


Winner, Best Documentary: Cannes Silk Road Film Awards 


Winner, Best Documentary Series, Singapore: Asian Academy Creative Awards

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