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Spirits of Asia

Format: 8 x 23
Broadcaster(s):  Channel NewsAsia
Available in HD

Discover the exotic world of Asia’s alcohol production and drinking culture, from Indian whiskey to Cambodian brandy.

Visiting both emerging and established vineyards, distilleries and breweries, host Paul Foster- TV presenter, actor and traveller- learns how age-old traditions and innovation merge to produce extraordinary beer, wine and spirits. Whether it's an expensive shot in a fancy glass, or a traditional drink in a humble cup that has fueled generations, Paul learns how alcohol appreciation in Asia is as much an art as it is a bonding culture.

What does it take to produce a truly world class spirit? Will Asia be the next centre of superior alocohol production? And what is motivating this radically changing mindset? Armed with a good hangover cure, we get to the heart of the new Asian spirits.

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