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Diana: The Inquest (Spanish)

Format: 1 x 47
Broadcaster(s):  Channel 5

Diana: The Inquest takes a remarkable look at the mysterious beginnings and proceedings of the British inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul. Featuring statements from those most closely connected to the three people who died on that tragic night, and exclusive CCTV footage from cameras inside the Ritz Hotel where they spent some of their last hours, the film highlights the important questions that the inquest aimed to answer.

Were Dodi and Diana engaged? Was Diana pregnant? Was the white Fiat Uno also in the tunnel that night connected to the accident? And the most important question of all… Was Diana’s death planned and was the driver of the car somehow involved?

Director and Producer David Cohen said: "It really is both moving and eerie to see these jerky images of how three people – Diana, Dodi and Henri Paul – spent their last hours. The Coroner is clearly determined to make sure that after so many allegations of conspiracy, no one can say he did not allow the jury to look at all the facts".

Diana: The Inquest provides the most comprehensive account there has ever been on television of how Diana spent her last day, and charts one of the most fascinating journeys in judicial history.

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