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WWII: Forgotten Ally

Format: 1 x 60 / 2 x 48
Broadcaster(s):  HISTORY
Available in HD

This groundbreaking documentary uncovers how World War II actually began on 7 July 1937, in China. The brutal Pacific War lasted from 1937-45 and cost 14 million Chinese lives, but China's contribution has long been forgotten by its Western Allies.

When Germany began Europe’s WWII by invading Poland in 1939, China had already been fighting Imperial Japan for two years. China’s long resistance, alongside its USA and British allies, was crucial to the defeat of the Axis powers.

For the first time on this scale, the film uncovers the epic struggle between China and Japan and its lasting effects in China and beyond.  Few survivors of the war remain, but those that do tell of brutal fighting, new alliances, and how the war continues to shape modern China, today.

Based on the acclaimed book, 'Forgotten Ally' by renowned China expert Rana Mitter, the film combines eye witness testimony with rare archive footage and stunning animated reconstructions.

From the Japanese invasion in 1937 and the ‘Rape of Nanjing’, to the attack on Pearl Harbor and American alliance, and the battle of Yunnan-Burma Road alongside the British, this is an emotional, eye-opening journey that re-writes history as we know it...

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