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North Korea's Nuclear Bomb

Format: 1 x 48
Broadcaster(s):  Channel NewsAsia
Available in HD

Kim Jong Un’s North Korea now has a nuclear capacity that is making the world nervous, but it didn’t acquire its nuclear arsenal alone. How and why did the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ build the bomb?

Charting the roots of the current conflict from the Korean War in 1950-53 through to the present day, this is the untold story of how North Korea has become a destabilising force in the world. From the initial conflict with the USA through assistance from the Soviets during the cold war, through to its recent series of nuclear tests, this special reveals that North Korea also had unlikely sources of help – from Europe through its network of spies, and, crucially, from nuclear armed Pakistan.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s leading experts on North Korean relations and North Korean defectors and rare archive footage, this documentary provides invaluable context to the current, ongoing Korean nuclear crisis

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