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René Magritte: The Man in the Hat

Format: 1 x 49
Broadcaster(s):  ITV
Available in HD

Whilst other boys at boarding school were putting up pictures of scantily clad girls or footballers on their walls, British singer and actor Will Young was opting for an altogether more refined option – the work of the wittiest misfit of the surrealist bunch- painter René Magritte.

Will’s been a fan of Magritte’s mysterious works of art ever since. Join him as he travels to the artist’s birthplace in Brussels to discover more about the man behind his iconic bowler hat. Visiting his home, now a museum, the film reveals the life and amazing art of one of the most influential figures in 20th Century art, a painter whose trademark suits and bowler hats concealed a rebellious and subversive nature.

Drawing heavily on rare archive footage featuring silent films as well as Magritte’s own extensive stock of home movies, this film offers an intimate and revealing portrait of an artist whose childhood was marked by tragedy and whose marriage survived from Magritte’s adolescence until his death in 1967, yet who leaves a stunning, and enduring artistic legacy.


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