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The Love Me Tinder Collection

2 x 60, 2 x 30 HD

Forging meaningful connections with other human beings is both one of life’s great pleasures, and a source of huge anxiety. In the present day, with the decline of the nuclear family, the rise of single living, and the ability to find companionship at the swipe of a screen, has love become more accessible than ever, or has it been transformed beyond all recognition?

In this curated collection of talks and debates from the world-leading Institute of Art and Ideas, discover how some of the world's leading thinkers approach love and romance in the modern day.

From Oxford transhumanist Anders Sandberg discussing technology’s impact on our emotions, to eHarmony's chief scientist revealing the algorithms that have forged marriages, divorces and whirlwind affairs, uncover the theories and thinkers revolutionising romance.



Love Me Tinder: What does love look like in the digital age?
Love Story: Can love only be known in short doses?
A Fairytale Romance: Do we need relationships to thrive?
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