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The Real Jesus

2 x 52

Renowned theologian Robert Beckford goes on a literal and historical journey to unravel a mystery: why are there so many different interpretations of Jesus? Travelling across parts of the world where the story of Jesus exists and is still played out, delving into religious texts and interviewing top scholars, Beckford reveals the astonishing similarities in the stories surrounding the life of Jesus and the lives of other religious figures including Horus, Mithras, Krishna and the Buddha. He also examines the radical differences between the Christian Jesus and that of Judaism and Islam.

How do all these different interpretations of Jesus fit together and what do the similarities and differences between them tell us about the roots of the world’s major religions?

In this two-hour investigation into the real Jesus and how he came to be the figurehead of the world’s biggest religion, Robert Beckford will explore some of the world’s major religions to look for echoes of the story of Jesus and what it tells us about the real Jesus; and closer to home investigate how Jesus was transformed from a rebellious first century rabbi into the son of God.


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