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Isles of the Queen, Series 2

5 x 43 HD 4K
Broadcaster:  ARTE

This latest instalment of ARTE's sublime series travels around the world to explore how island communities have allowed unique people, nature and cultures to thrive. From golden Caribbean beaches to weathered stone huts in the in upland moors, we see these geographically small but culturally vibrant places in all of their glory.

We paint a picture of these beautiful islands by introducing you to the every day lives of locals and the rare animals they live alongside, flying over mountain peaks, isolated coves and the wild northern seas on the Isles of Anglesey, Wight and Orkney, among others. Whether it’s a deep sea dive in the ice cold water of the Isle of Skye or a Bermuda Day parade halfway around the world in sunny Hamilton, the journey will be stunning and intimate.

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