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At Her Majesty's Service

4 x 48 HD

Join renowned actress and former royal employee Dame Penelope Keith as she ventures across the United Kingdom to peek behind the scenes of Her Majesty’s royal residences, from Windsor Castle in England, The Palace of Holyrood in the North, Caernarfon Castle in Wales and finally her official home in Northern Ireland; Hillsborough Castle.

Along the way Penelope meets those at the heart of palace life who uphold extraordinary royal titles serving at Her Majesty’s service. Cruising along the Thames she talks with the Queen’s Royal Bargemaster, and in Bangor she is serenaded by the male voice choir. The Master of Royal Household of Scotland is a title which has been passed through fifteen generations.

From the Royal Herb Stewer and the Royal Falconer, to the Washer of the Sovereign’s hands and even the champion Welsh corgi breeder, Penelope reveals the fantastical world of ceremony and tradition which lies behind Her Majesty’s walls and the role played by the Queen in visiting and supporting communities in all four corners of the union.

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