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Behind the Rohingya Crisis: Myanmar's Hardline Buddhists

1 x 46 HD
Broadcaster:  Channel NewsAsia

BAFTA Award-winning reporter Mobeen Azhar travels to Myanmar to investigate the destructive links between religion and violence in the country.

Buddhism is often associated with teachings of non-violence and compassion, but in Myanmar, hardline Buddhist nationalists are being blamed for inciting violence against the stateless Rohingya Muslim minority.

Azhar uncovers how ultra-nationalist groups such as Ma Ba Tha and the Mynamar Nationalist Network are campaigning for religious and ethnic purity, stoking up fears of the perceived ‘Islamization’ of the country.

Through discussions with key figures including controversial nationalist leaders Win Ko Ko Latt and Ashin Wirathu, as well as Burmese Minister of Religious Affairs Thura Aung Ko and local people affected across the country, Azhar explores the simmering ethnic and religious tensions underlying this ongoing conflict.

Episode 3 of the series Power and Piety

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