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Burma's Lost Royals

1 x 56 HD
Broadcaster:  HISTORY

In 1885 the British army invaded Burma and deposed its King. He died in exile, ending a thousand years of monarchy. The royal family vanished, and the country was plunged into war and the longest military dictatorship of modern times. But after a century of silence they are back, and they’re on a journey to bring the family - past and present - back together. Filmed through three years of seismic change in Burma, this is the story of a family and a country emerging from the darkness.

"We Were Kings is a must-see film for anyone who wants to understand Burma today. After years on the ground, Bescoby gives a unique insight into a country so often in the headlines, but that we Brits really know very little about. Britain and Burma have an amazing shared history, and this film tells it with a subtlety and humour that will take you by surprise.” Levison Wood - award winning filmmaker, author and explorer, star of Channel 4’s 'Walking the Nile’ and ‘From Russia to Iran - Crossing the Wild Frontier'.
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