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Isles of the Queen

Format: 10 x 43
Broadcaster(s):  ARTE
Available in HD
Available in 4K

The pink sand beaches of Bermuda, the chalk cliffs of Southern England, the rolling hills of the South-East, the granite cliffs, snowy mountains, high and lowlands of the Scottish isles: the world's islands have an incredibly diverse array of stunning landscapes and fascinating cultures thriving in them.

Each episode of this sublime series features a different island country around the world, showcasing their natural beauty and their unique peoples and traditions. Parts of the story are told from a birds eye perspective, which presents the landscapes from a new and unique vantage point: We fly over spiky rock needles, discover secluded bays and gigantic bird colonies, buffeted by the sea. Every now and then the camera ‘discovers’ a protagonist below, introducing us to a local who invites us into their way of life. Whether its time for tea in the watch house of St. Mary, Bermuda Day parade in Hamilton, or time for treasure hunting on St. Kilda, this is your chance to explore the world's tiniest and most remote communnities.

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