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Millionaire Motors

Format: 14 x 4
Available in HD
Short Form

Meet the millionaires, mechanics and motors behind some of the world’s most remarkable multi million-dollar car collections in the exotic Kingdom of Bahrain. Fuelled with facts, fast driving and fun anecdotes, Millionaire Motors introduces a host of exquisite luxury, sports and vintage cars, all in mint condition.

The exclusive series of shorts is filmed in the private garages and driveways of the wealthy car owners, as well as at the pristine tune-up garage where alterations are made and the impressive BIC Formula1-track in Bahrain where trained race drivers take the cars out as the sun sets in the desert.

Millionaire Motors is a tour de force of interviews, test-drives and detailed focus on each of the cars. A Bugatti Veyron with leather interior by Hermes, a Lamborghini Miura previously owned by the Shah of Iran and a 55-year-old Mercedes Gull Wing with less than 15.000 km on the clock are among the many unique vehicles which feature.

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