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The Big Idea

Format: 8 x 22 (HD) & 1 x 46 (HD)
Broadcaster(s):  Channel NewsAsia
Available in HD

Advances in science and technology are happening at such breakneck speed, it’s hard to keep up with them. But what are the innovations that could truly impact all our lives for the better?

In this entertaining pop science series, tech fantatic Justin Bratton travels across the world to investigate the world’s Big Ideas. From companion robots in Japan to the future of organ transplants, from an American invention which could make an average human run faster than Usain Bolt, to UK scientists trying to make people smarter, Justin gets involved in testing out these ideas, learning how they work from leading technology experts, and discovering what the future holds. He also travels to Sweden and Germany, to meet the Volvo and Mercedes innovation teams, for a special feature on the latest car safety technology.

A fun, informative series that is not to be missed!

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