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Being Me

20 x 29 HD
Broadcaster:  TVNZ

This uplifting series features intimate character driven stories, which tell incredible tales of confidence and positivity in the face of adversity.

Meet people with a wide variety of disabilities and take a walk in their shoes: from sassy 17-year-old Gigi with Down Syndrome who dreams of walking the catwalk and Freedom who had both eyes removed by the age of five who now hunts and cooks living on a farm, to Claire who suffered a spinal injury that put her in a wheelchair before achieving her dream of completing a PhD, and Sam Humphrey who despite living with skeletal dysplasia in a 7-year-old's body, made it to the big screen in Hollywood blockbuster film, The Greatest Showman.

Being Me shows a side of disability rarely covered in the media: everyday people living fulfilling lifes. Challenge your perceptions by seeing the world through others’ eyes.


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