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In My Mind

15 x 29 HD
Broadcaster:  TVNZ

We are facing an anxiety epidemic in a world full of increasingly impossible expectations. Through a series of accessible personal stories, and featuring world-leading health experts, In My Mind breaks down the stigma around mental health. This award-winning series covers everything from young women burning out and social media obsession, to male mental health and post-natal depression.

Winner: Best Sound and Visual Journalism - Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Service Awards

Episode 1: Overcoming Anorexia

Episode 2: Understanding Anorexia

Episode 3: Youth Suicide

Episode 4: Male Mental Health

Episode 5: Social Support

Episode 6: Social Obsession

Episode 7: Mums

Episode 8: Body

Episode 9: Burnout

Episode 10: Depression

Episode 11: Auditory Hallucination - Hearing Voices

Episode 12: Psychosis

Episode 13: Homelesness

Episode 14: Treating Anorexia

Episode 15: Huntington's Disease





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